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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost associated with the home agent position?

If you already have all the required equipment including internet and phone service, there is no additional cost associated with this position.
You are responsible for your internet bills. (A landline may be required if voice over internet is not an option.

When do I get paid?

Your check will be direct deposited into your account on a weekly basis (direct deposit is required).

What type of equipment do I need to be a home agent?

We require that you have a PC, a USB headset, and a modem directly connected to your PC by an ethernet cable and a DSL or a fiber internet connection.

How often do I have to commute to the center?

This is a work from home position. All required meetings and training sessions will be accessible from your home.

How difficult is the equipment to operate?

You need to know how to operate your internet browser, manipulate through your screens, and be proficient using your own equipment. You will receive training in how to operate our software systems.

Is there someone available for support if an issue should arise?

We have a specialized group that works with our home agents with any issues you may experience with our software, processes, or procedures.

Is there an opportunity for advancement?

Yes! There are opportunities for advancement. As these opportunities become available, we will let you know!

What are the minimum hours I am expected to be available each week?

1st shift M-F | 16 Hours (Mondays Required)
2nd shift M-F | 12 Hours (Mondays Required)
3rd shift M-F | 16 Hours (Mondays Required)
Weekends | 8 Hours (Saturdays Required)

What perks does the company offer to its employees?

As an employee, you can receive up to 50% off our catalog’s products, monthly performance bonuses, add-on sales incentives, flexible schedules, our Perfect Attendance Program, and Employee Only Stores.

Is working from home a substitute for child or elder care?

No. SC Contact Centers requires you to secure appropriate care for your loved ones during your appointed shift.

Is working from home the right choice for me?

Not everyone is the right candidate for being a home agent but if you have a passion for customer service, a high level of independence and are self-motivated, you could be well suited for this position. Submit your application today!