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Hear from some of our employees.

What do you like best about working at SC Contact Centers?
Fellow workers, employee discounts, booster discount certificates and being able to participate in the 401K retirement plan.


How does SC Contact Center’s work scheduling benefit you?
I am able to take time off in the spring and summer.


The people here are wonderful to work for. The hours can be as flexible as you need them to be, which is great. There are always fun things to do, and we have great discounts available to us on our products.


This is my second year working at SC Contact Centers. My Co-workers and supervisors are great to work with which makes working easily enjoyable. I think it’s a great thing to be able to say that I enjoy coming to work each day.


I’m a payment specialist at the Hannibal center. I came in to apply because I’d been a stay-at-home mom for almost 20 years and I needed a part-time job. The payment specialist job fell into place for me because it offered Monday through Friday hours. Recently, I was able to learn to take orders as well. This gives me another skill which I like. I’m a people person and I enjoy helping customers who may be going through a rough time and showing them how the company will work with them.


I saw the ad for employees in the paper and came and applied. I’ve found that working at the contact center is very flexible. I’m an extended weekend employee and this gives me time to take college classes and to change my schedule when needed. I’ve also been trained to help internet customers and this variety keeps it interesting. Supervisors work with employees in terms of work and personal needs and I especially enjoy the wide range of personalities employed here.


I have been with the company for 13 years and I enjoy working here. I am the lead for the Outbound group on first shift. In Outbound we call our customers to let them know of any issues with their order. We perform several types of customer service and it is always interesting. I have worked many jobs in my life and this is the job I have enjoyed the most. I especially appreciate how the company treats employees.


I have really enjoyed working here. I had good training. It’s a friendly and upbeat atmosphere. I like being rewarded for a job well done.


I enjoy being a Home Agent for SC Contact Centers. I love helping people from all over the United States with their purchasing needs and providing customer service for them. The incentives we get as employees are great, too!

I love working at home because I don’t have the stress of driving to work. I am also home when I am done with work so I can go out and get my farm work done. It works out great for that. Plus, I don’t have to drive on bad roads during the winter.”

I enjoy interacting with the customers and making their experience as pleasant as possible. The Staff is second to none and has demonstrated positive attitudes and has always been quick to respond to my needs. I have disabling injuries to my back and legs and this company recognizes my needs and works to accommodate them.